Season 1 Ch.3 – Hitting the ground running…

When I first thought of doing this save I wondered to myself how I would fare in South America. Especially in a country I had very little football knowledge of beyond the thought “oh yeah Colo Colo are in Chile!”. Whilst a few things have surprised me a little I am thoroughly enjoying this save and you will be joining me from where we left off after our 3-1 away win at Curico Unido in the 1st round of the Chile Cup.

As you can see from the screen grab above I couldn’t have had a better start to my time in charge at Los Cruzados winning my next ten consecutive games in all competitions! I am very happy with this as it’s showing me that my team is playing well scoring goals as well as proving adept in defense conceding only 5 goals in those games. Typically I had to draw the last game of the month where I wanted to stop my game play and update this blog! lol All runs have to come to an end I s’pose! Please bare in mind that I have been without my first choice goalkeeper and will continue to do so for another 3-4 in-game weeks!

My league campaign has started very well winning my first 6 leagues games home and away with some notable victories including a win at home against one of our main rivals Universidad de Chile (featured game as below) in front of the TV cameras. Averaging just over 2 goals per game and conceding 3 in total. I’m still to play against Colo Colo so that will be my real test. Speaking of TV cameras did you notice how many of my games have been televised?! ALL OF THEM! That’s never happened to me before in all the years I’ve been playing FM(and CM!). I swear this is the best start on FM ever for me lol I’m getting carried away here now I’m sorry lol (oh the giddy excitement!)

There has also been another two signings since my last blog post firstly young goalkeeper Matías Paredes from Coquimbo Unido of the Chilean First Division B League for £30k. Matías is an exciting young player who I will be developing at the club through the reserves with the occasional foray into the first team. Secondly we signed young Peruvian CB Gustavo Dulanto from Universitario of the Peruvian First Division for £300k. Gustavo will be a long term back up defender who I will hope will turn into a starting XI player within the next few seasons!

Copa Chile MTS 2016

Now you last saw me in the first leg of the Copa Chile after beating Curico Unide 3-1 away from home. The second leg at home was a little one sided and we eventually ran out 2-0 winners making it 5-1 on aggregate. We now progress onto the 2nd round where we face O’Higgins.

This fixture was the last we played in this save before writing this blog post and in typical Stephen Simpson luck I drew the bloody game! *groans* All good 100% records have to come to an end eventually! It was the most competitive game so far with Los Cruzados narrowly beating O’Higgins stats wise but we just could’t score the winner after their 59th minute equalizer.

Copa Sudamericana

Now this competition sprung itself on me when I noticed it appear in my upcoming fixtures after tapping CONTINUE. That will teach me to not to do enough research into the league I’m about to manage in! I only ever really heard of the Copa America lol *insert embarrassed emoji here*

The competition is organised by the South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) & is 2nd in terms of prestige to the Copa America. The competition is largely dominated by teams from Argentina (7 titles), Brazil 2nd (2 titles) & 5 other teams from different countries. The last (& only!) Chilean team to win was Universidad de Chile in 2011…got my work cut out with this!

So my first opponents in this tournament was a team called Jorge Wilstermann from Bolivia. Now we got off to a bad start with an own goal from Cesar Fuentes but equalized straight after then dominated the game eventually winning 4-1 away from home.

The second leg was a bit more of a tighter affair with a 1-0 home win seeing us into the next round where we would face S.D. Aucas from the Primera Categoría Serie A in Ecuador. Even though we had double the chances of Jorge Wilstermann I think we were still a little tired after playing 3 games in 7 days. This may force me to get a few more squad players in the long run as I’ve only got 5 players outside of my match day squad. But that’s for another chapter!

So the 2nd prelim round 1st leg went very well indeed with us having a blinder of a second half beating Aucas 5-0 away from home. The first half was much more competitive and we conceded more shots this game than any other so far. Even one of my young reserve strikers got in on the action scoring his first senior goal for the club. coming off the bench late in the game.

Featured Game – CD Universidad Catolica vs Universidad de Chile

Our first real test of the season came in the form of Universidad rivals Universidad de Chile in our second league game of the season. I set out the best team I could (sorry for lack of visual reference!) in the usual 4-1-3-2 with a standard mentality and a flexible team shape. We dominated in most areas but failed to make our superior chances count. Roberto Gutiérrez and RB Stefani Magnasco puting in very good performances for the team.

The summary bit!

So we’re at the end of in-game August and I am extremely happy with how the season is going so far! I’m pleasing the fans, which is always a great thing, and most importantly my team is gelling as a unit. The fans are always commenting on how impressed they are with our final third play and attack going forward. While I have noticed a lot of the same stuff in the social media feed I do find it funny what is actually “tweeted” by these “fans” lol

A particularly good area and well oiled unit from my best XI is the in-team…er…team is the trio of Gutierrez, Buonanotte (or “Goodnight Diego” as I like to call him!) & Castillo. I’ve pulled up those first 2 in Gutierrez & Buonanotte stats for you to have a little look over. Them two in particular have performed very well for me and have put together some of the most exquisite build up play I’ve seen for a good while on any of my FM saves.

First up we’ve got Roberto Gutierrez’s stats for the first 12 games of the competitive season. In all competitions he’s rated 7.38 scoring 9 goals with 4 assists & 2 player of the match awards to his name. It’s safe to say he is my star player in the team although Nicolas Castillo is making a late dart for being top dog in my front line!

Next up is my AMC/MC/LM winger/attacking midfield Diego Buonanotte. By his average rating of 7.47 over 10(2) appearances he is technically the best player in the team. After having a brilliant preseason with 3 goals in 3 appearances averaging 7.60 he has scored 6 goals, assisting 5, with 3 Player of the Match awards to his name.

As touched on before I still need to improve my squad depth throughout (I think I need another 3-4 players to give my squad that depth required to deal with playing 2-3 games a week. With at least 1-2 of those being strikers as I don’t want my reserve youngster Matias Rosas to over use him and hinder his long term development too quickly. Also need a defender preferably someone who is an RB with good passing & defensive stats.



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Season 1 Ch.2: Preseason

Preseason summary

My preseason went pretty well I thought. My chosen 4-1-3-2 formation looked to be working very well in keeping out opposition players making sure opposition chances were kept to a minimum. We kept 3 clean sheets, conceded 3 goals and scored a nice & tidy 13 goals. Even though we lost our final friendly against Boca Juniors at home 1-0 I felt that my team performed very well against tough class team.

Two players who played particularly well were my target man on support Roberto Gutiérrez who scored 4 goals in his 3 games picking up 2 PoM’s along the way. Central defender Guillermo Maripán also had a blinding preseason playing in all 5 games with a 7.66 player rating also getting on with one goal and one assist.

I finally convinced some players to join me!!

I have so far found it pretty difficult to attract very good players on the wages that the board have given me to offer in contracts. It’s always frustrating on a budget but you have to work with what you’re given…and I’m being given about 450-500 a week to convince players to join.

I eventually signed 2 left sided LM wingers in Chilean Misael Dávila for £400k from Deportes Iquique in our division & Colombian Misael Riascos from Boyacá Chicó FC in the Colombian First Division. Both players can play in all 3 positions on the left so can easily adapt to any tactical changes that would involve defense or attack.

As can be seen from the above picture Ihave been able to raise some funds and hope to attract a decent centre back in the very near future as Icould do with the cover!

So yes I am very happy with how my season preparations have gone tactically and feel I only need a decent CB and I should be in business!

Featured Game of this chapter

My first competitive game of the season came up against Curicó Unido of the Third Division B.

I put out my strongest possible team just to see how they would get on. We ran out 3-1 winners with goals from Gutiérrez, Maripán & Buonanotte.  We played well and kept the ball moving. I have been watching games on extended highlights and this has enabled me to watch my players adapt to my tactic and how they move forward in attack.

The game seemed to go down very well with a couple of fans praising our attack and how dangerous we looked in the final third. With Diego Buonanotte coming in for some high praise! I might just start calling him “Goodnight Diego” because he’s been putting teams to bed with his skill & contribution to attacks! Lol

The End Bit

So that’s preseason and the first competitive game of thenseason under my belt. this is a lot further than i got with my last foray into the Chilean league! I hope to bring my next chapter to you at the end of in-game August and my featured game of the next chapter will be the game against one of our biggest rivals in the league being Universidad de Chile!

Another idea I have had is at the end of each in-game month and chapter of this blog is to do a “Stephen Reads Mean Tweets From Fans” video where I read out some of the worst in-game tweets about me from the social media feed lol If you think it’s a good idea then let me know!


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Chapter 1 – Al Principio…at the beginning – with Club Deportivo Universidad Católica

Hello and welcome to my second attempt at a Football Manager Touch blog. I tried last year with FMT 2016 but I just didn’t have the inclination or drive to continue after the first chapter lol

I am once again taking charge of Club Deportivo Universidad Católica in the “Primera División” in Chile. With the aim of becoming the dominant team in Chile, becoming better than the famous Colo Colo, and later (god willing!) becoming a powerhouse on the South American continent!

Brief team blurb

Universidad Católica is one of the most successful and popular Chilean football clubs and considered one of the Chile’s “Big Three”.

Its traditional rival is Universidad de Chile. They contest the Clásico Universitario. Colo-Colo is the other big rival of the club. The club was founded in 1937.

Goals for the future

  • Years 2-4 – Challenge for/win the league title
  • Years 4-5 – Challenge for the Copa Libertadores
  • Year 6-10 – Win the Copa Libertadores

My appointment appeared to be well received on the social media front with no real negative comments. One person even tweeting that they felt I will become a club legend. Thanks Maximiliano Ahumada!! Lol


Squad Assessment & Tactics

Before I tap that CONTINUE button I always fully assess the squad that I have and formulate a tactic around that then acquiring players who I think can improve the team or players who will fill in gaps in the first XI. At this stage I am happy with the back room staff already at my disposal.

Here is my first XI & tactics based off my initial squad assessment:


I really hope that this tactic is good for my team and does us well in the opening stages of the league. Of course tactics evolve over the initial period as you get deeper into the season but I hope I don’t have to change much!

After deciding on tactics and instructions I check out the squad strength screens. It was obvious during my initial assessment that I was lacking on left sided players & another decent central defender! So during preseason I will try my best to find ideal players for those roles on the budget I’ve been given.


One thing I pride myself on as a long term Football Manager (and Championship Manager before that!) player I like to give youth a chance and development some reserve players into first team regulars. So the following 3 players have been put on my development list for them to get some first team experience at lower league clubs.

This young goalkeeper is a nice little prospect in the CDUC reserves I’m hoping that he developes well out on loan.

Next youngster getting the development treatment is this central defender who has great defensive attributes for his age but his overalls need a little bit of work.

Lastly I’m giving a chance to this young Argentina striker and I’m hopeful he will develop into a very good talent.


For a South American club from outside of the big two nations I’m surprised I’ve been given £2m transfer budget. I will trawl the South American leagues/teams for any talent I can find to fill the spaces in the squad I have identified. As you can see we are overspending on the wages by two grand at last. This leaves little to play with in terms of offering new deals to players.

My Gamble…

Now this may or may not backfire on me but I have decided to sell the existing club captain…yes I know some may say suicide. But I don’t think he will play in my squad plus he’s approaching late thirties so not much left to offer.

So that’s all I can think of before I tap on the CONTINUE button. I will do my next post at the end of preseason just before my first competitive game of the season in the Chile Cup 1st round. See you all then!